Dynamics 365 Reports – Open Link Error

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I have used SSRS to create Dynamics 365 reports for a while. This report shows the users some Opportunity information and lets them click on the Opportunity name to open the record (see this post for a guide on setting this up).

The report has worked well and the users have been happy with it. They have been exporting it to Excel to work with some of the numbers. The links within Excel have worked for them until recently when an error started to appear. The error was a generic “An error has occurred” message.

Error displayed to the user
Error displayed to the user

The error didn’t occur if the user copied the URL and pasted into a browser. It also didn’t occur when clicking the link within SSRS. I was also receiving the error, but a colleague didn’t – this made me think that it had to be machine related.

After some head scratching, my colleague was able to find something from Microsoft Support which resolved the issue. It was as simple as downloading the MSI from Microsoft Support. I was able to navigate to Dynamics through the Excel link as soon as this was installed.

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