Error when importing Dynamics CRM 365 v8.2 managed solution into v9 instance

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Whilst importing a Dynamics CRM v8.2 managed solution into Dynamics CRM v9 I encountered the following error. Searching the internet suggests that the error is mainly thrown when trying to install ADX Studio, I didn’t see any examples that mentioned solution imports from v8.2 to v9. The error message thrown is:

“The evaluation of the current component(name=Entity, id=efd3a52d-04ca-4d36-a54c-2a26a64f5571) in the current operation (Update) failed during managed property evaluation of condition: Managed Property Name: canmodifymobileclientreadonly; Component Name: Entity; Attribute Name: canmodifymobileclientreadonly;”.

The import log pointed out that this was against the Marketing List entity. I had a look around the solutions but couldn’t find anything that would have modified this value. The easiest way to resolve this issue is to:

  • Extract the Managed Solution
  • Open Customizations.xml
  • Search for the entity name
  • Find the values for the fields below and change from ‘0’ to ‘1’
    • IsVisibleInMobile
    • IsVisibleInMobileClient
    • IsReadOnlyInMobileClient
  • Re-zip the solution and import as normal
XML to Modify
XML to Modify

I was curious to see if the v8.2 solution could be updated so that the values were set to ‘1’ so that this step didn’t need to be done every time I imported into the v9 solution, however when attempting to do this, the same error message is thrown as above. Based on this, I believe the value must change from the v8.2 to v9 version.

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